Petition Tag - entrepreneurship

1. Free patent for U.S. citizens

The high cost of acquiring and securing a patent is impeding entrepreneurism and innovation. There are many Americans with great ideas for an invention that will never act on their inspiration due to the high cost of securing a patent.

Let's make it a right for all American citizens to receive one free patent and thus get the economy going again with engaging the American Spirit.

2. Support Entrepreneurship

Through funding by the Claude-Worthington Benedum Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation the Advantage Valley Entrepreneurial Development System Collaborative has been focusing on entrepreneurship and building the case that entrepreneurship can be an economic development strategy that is critical to our economic success.

Join with us today in demonstrating through your signature of support that entrepreneurship can be an economic development strategy.

3. Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club (EVCC)

The Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club (EVCC) is in the process of getting rechartered by the GBA. In order to regain status, we must make sure there is sufficient demand for this club.

The EVCC at Goizueta:

- distinguishes itself by being a platform to further the opportunities of GBS students interested in pursuing careers in venture capital (VC) and in new businesses;

- provides a forum for discussing all aspects of setting up a new business and funding it through VCs;

- represents a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, providing insights into the relevant opportunities available in different industries; and

- focuses on enhancing GBS’s participation in business plan and VC competitions.