#Human Rights
The Prime Minister of Canada

Mark Raafa, for the protection of the individual, is the alias of a man now trapped in dire circumstances in Bangkok, Thailand.

A man who was striving for more liberal laws for non-muslims in Karachi, Pakistan, ended up being the victim of a heinous crime; his home burnt down to the ground and receiving numerous death threats had to flee his own nation.

Like something out of a movie, Mark ends up with he and his family in Thailand in 2012, the only place that would accept him.

Then it got worse; the Pakistani government not only did nothing to help Mark, but charged him with Blasphemy. He fought the case from outside the country and was unsuccessful, being found guilty punishable by hanging.

Mark fought hard and received official refugee status from the UN, but that has not been enough.

Now, without any way out of Thailand, this warrior for Human Rights is looking to live in a place that will accept his plight as righteous and well fought.

Canada has the facilities and the spirit to bring this man and his family to safety out from the grips of sure death. Give Mark the chance to live in peace, he and his, by signing the petition now.

We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, to grant special and immediate immigration rights to Mark Raafa (alias) and his family to enter into Canada as a refugee.

We stand as a community committed to freedom and that helping hand of justice for those in need of the opportunity of life.

God bless Canada.

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