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1. Free Mark Raafa!

Mark Raafa, for the protection of the individual, is the alias of a man now trapped in dire circumstances in Bangkok, Thailand.

A man who was striving for more liberal laws for non-muslims in Karachi, Pakistan, ended up being the victim of a heinous crime; his home burnt down to the ground and receiving numerous death threats had to flee his own nation.

Like something out of a movie, Mark ends up with he and his family in Thailand in 2012, the only place that would accept him.

Then it got worse; the Pakistani government not only did nothing to help Mark, but charged him with Blasphemy. He fought the case from outside the country and was unsuccessful, being found guilty punishable by hanging.

Mark fought hard and received official refugee status from the UN, but that has not been enough.

Now, without any way out of Thailand, this warrior for Human Rights is looking to live in a place that will accept his plight as righteous and well fought.

Canada has the facilities and the spirit to bring this man and his family to safety out from the grips of sure death. Give Mark the chance to live in peace, he and his, by signing the petition now.


ISIS Stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the goal is to have complete 100% sharia law in every country it infiltrates, world wide. By not standing up for our way of life and allowing sharia law in Australia or any western country, the war in Syria is completely hypocritical as we are then partially allowing the very thing we despise and fight against to flourish at home. We do nothing to prevent sharia law out of fear we are not being politically correct and this needs to change.

While Shari’a already has a foot in our door in the matter of minor disputes like inheritance and domestic violence, it should concern you that Shari’a:

• Commands that drinkers and gamblers should be whipped;
• Allows husbands to hit their wives;
• Allows an injured plaintiff to exact legal revenge – literally an eye for an eye;
• Commands that a thief must have a hand cut off;
• Commands that homosexuals must be executed;
• Orders unmarried fornicators to be whipped and adulterers to be stoned to death;
• Orders death for both Muslim and non-Muslim critics of Mohammad, the Qur’an and even Shari’a itself;
• Orders apostates to be killed;
• Commands offensive, aggressive and unjust Jihad.

As written in the Qur’an, Shari’a is the law of Allah. Any other form of government is a sin. It is the duty of every Muslim to keep striving until all governments have been converted to Shari’a law.

The video below explains what we are dealing with it in more detail

3. Stop Islamic demands from being forced on US Citizens!

It recently, has been brought to our attention through social media, that a Walmart store in Ohio has agreed to slaughter animals in a specific way in order to accommodate Islamic demands. THIS IS AMERICA.

We do not bow to the demands of other countries, and we are tired of the expectations that we SHOULD! We want Walmart to know that if they cave under the pressure of sharia law, your bread and butter, AMERICANS, will take their business elsewhere. If your worried about your bottom line, worry about that!

4. Ban the Practice of any Form of Sharia Law in Australia

Sharia law is incompatible with Australian Culture and will only cause unrest and undermine the very foundation on which Australia was built.

Sharia law is discriminative to women and children's equal rights and creates discrimination, persecution and is a breach of basic human rights.

5. England says No to Sharia Law

Sharia law is not wanted in England.

English law is the legal framework of our country.

We do not support any legal framework based on the derogation of women.

6. Ban executions, stonings, torture and discrimination in Iran

ما مجازات واحکام غیر انسانی اعدام، سنگسار،شلاق وشکنجه درهرشکل آن را درشأن مردم کشورمان ایران با پشتوانه تمدنی کهن نمی دانیم.

ما سرکوب و کاربرد خشونت، محکومیت ها و مجازاتهای وحشیانه را درخور شهروندان کشور خود ندانسته و خواهان لغو و محو اینگونه مجازاتها از سرزمین مان ایرانیم.

ما خواهان حقوق دمکراتیک برای زنان و جدایی دین از حکومت هستیم.

ما برآنیم که وابستگی دستگاه قضایی ودادگاه های انقلاب و دادسراها به سران حاکمیت جمهوری اسلامی و تبعیت آنها از منافع و مصالح سیاسی اقتصادی حکومتگران اسلامی، مانع از اجرای عدالت شده و درمقابل مطلق گرایی و سرکوبگری چنین دستگاهی، جان، مال و حیثیت هرشهروند ایران درخطر است.

ما خواهان لغو همه احکام غیرانسانی اعدام، سنگسار، وثیقه های ویرانگر و شکنجه درهرشکل آن هستیم.

7. My Canada Does NOT Include Sharia Law

The rhetoric of Imam Anjem Choudary is a perfect example of why we MUST oppose Sharia Law in Canada, the U.S. and everywhere. I suggest that you google that name and see for yourself.

8. Close down Sharia Courts in the United Kingdom

Sharia Law is a very cruel Law, from research, Young Children and adults in Sharia Law operating country's have being beheaded Alive and beaten/tortured to death.
(According to Sunday times, Official Sharia Courts have being operating right here, in the UK).
(Sunday Times, many Islamic Sharia councils are operating in this county, which is a stab in Britannica heart and democracy).

9. Talented young artist and family under threat of deportation to Iran


Behnam, an outstanding young artist and BA Hons Fine Art student at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London, his younger brother, a gap year student, both former students at Quintin Kynaston School, and their mother, are in urgent need of asylum in the UK. They have lived in London since 2002.

What Behnam and his mother face is deportation to prison, torture and likely death.

As a former teacher at the boys' school and now a close family friend, I have known Behnam since his arrival at the school in 2003. I vouch for the family's complete integrity and for the authenticity of their asylum claim.

Behnam is a delightful, popular young man, an excellent role model for young people. In recognition of his achievements under adversity he was Highly Commended at the Anne Frank Awards in 2007. In 2008 he was made an Ambassador for Refugees and Arts by the Refugees & the Arts Initiative. In June 2009 Behnam was invited to work alongside an established artist facilitating a day of workshops on Islamic glasspainting at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Much of Behnam's artwork reflects his open-minded approach to politics and religion and his strong opposition to the current theocratic regime in Iran. This, alone, would place him in great danger in today's Iran.

In 2008 Behnam held an exhibition "Visions of Freedom" at the Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford, his fifth solo art exhibition in London. His latest travelling exhibition, "Where is Their Vote?", was inspired by the courage of the protesters following the Presidential Election of June, 2009. He has also exhibited alongside other artists including at venues that include the Human Rights Centre of Amnesty International,St Ethelberga's Church of Reconciliation, Portsmouth University and the Free Word Centre. He and his family are an enormous asset to our society.

The image included is "Hope for Freedom" by Behnam, aged 16, depicting the view of a political prisoner looking out towards freedom. The doves and the Statue of Liberty are outlined in the colours of the Iranian flag. Around the image are representaions of the ancient Persian Human Rights Codes of Cyrus.

In April 2005 two of Behnam's friends were arrested at Behnam's family's home in Tehran for allegedly printing and distributing anti-regime literature.

Three days later Behnam's father was arrested on arrival at Tehran Airport. Beaten and interrogated about the whereabouts of his wife and older son, Behnam's father was released following the payment of money.

He warned his wife in London, that she and Behnam were wanted by the authorities and could not return to Iran. He was subsequently re-arrested and held in the notorious Evin Prison for 15 months until he was conditionally released.

The family claimed asylum in the UK, but their claim was rejected. It again failed on appeal and this was upheld at a reconsideration hearing. Shortly after receiving this news the boys' mother collapsed and was taken to hospital. This has happened on a number of occasions since this situation arose and is clearly related to deep fears.

The family sought to take the case to the Court of Appeal, especially as there is evidence which was not available at the earlier hearing, but their application was rejected.

A fresh asylum claim, based on substantial additional evidence, was submitted in April 2008. This time the family has a highly competent solicitor. For seventeen long months there was no response from the Home Office but there have now been indications that the Home Office is about to consider the fresh application.

Should the fresh application, however, be rejected, their position is one of great danger. Both Behnam and his mother have been tried and sentenced in absentia by a court in Iran on political charges. Behnam has been sentenced prison for 5 years, his mother to 7 years.

Even more shocking is that they have been warned that they will receive lashes, 70 in Behnam's case and 100 in the mother's. Knowing the people concerned we cannot see how they could survive such a brutal ordeal.

The Iranian regime has an appalling, and deteriorating, Human Rights record - including executions of minors, floggings, rape and other forms of torture. The already lamentable state of human rights in Iran has worsened even further following the phoney Presidetial election of June 2009, with groups such as students and artists being targetted.

We are completely dismayed and outraged by the suffering this delightful family are going through. They fell victim of serious malpractice by their previous legal representative.The family has so far been denied justice.

Should the fresh application be refused,the family is at real risk of deportation to Iran. This petition is part of a campaign to stop this.

Please sign the onlne petition if you have not signed the paper one. In all, over 11,200 people have so far signed the petition, demonstrating the enormous concern there is for this much loved, vulnerable family in such danger.

Included in a long list of prominent supporters of the campaign are Isabelle Allende, Michael Palin, Nicole Farhi, Katherine Hammett, Paula Rego, Mark Titchner, Ken Loache, Polly Toynbee, Yasmin Allibhai-Brown, Rory Bremner, Darius Campbell Danesh , Eva Schloss (Anne Frank's step-sister), faith and community leaders, MPs, Peers and MEPs.


If you would like to get involved in the campaign please let me know.

On behalf of the family, thanks for your support.

Pauline Levis
Coordinator, Behnam & Family Must Stay Campaign