#Children's Rights
United States Government
United States of America

Many children sit in FOSTERCARE unjustly. Family members and family friends are being denied custody of the children, because CPS wont let the children go. CPS makes a profit by keeping children in FOSTERCARE and therefore children are being held against their rights. CPS destroys more children and kills more children every year than the assumed abusive parents do.

Many times false allegations are placed against parents and the children enter into FOSTERCARE HELL. Let`s fight back for our children and make them a #1 priority again. They are our future and if we dont protect them, we are not protecting our futures. Thank you!

We the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are taking a stand against FOSTERCARE FOR PROFIT.

Release the children who have family or friends wanting to take them. Allow grandparents to have their grandchildren. Stop CPS from getting huge bonuses for these children. Make caseworkers responsible for the lives of ea child.

Stop medicating children on things like Paxil when its not really needed. Give children back to the innocent families who were falsely accused and destroyed by CPS.

We the people want JUSTICE for our children.

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