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Arizona Department of Child Safety; Maricopa County Council
United States of America

There are about 443,000 children placed in the foster care, without a permanent roof over their heads and family. Along with the uncertainty of safety and guidance, there are a lot of problems challenging child welfare systems that woefully affect the lives of foster children. Children involved in the foster care system often lack empathy and connection to the real world and this reflects on the state of mind and emotional welfare of these children. This is an issue because most of them do not know where they are headed and eventually become homeless. Additionally, they do not have enough support to guide them through the real world.

We the undersigned, call on the Arizona Department of Child Safety to present this petition to the Maricopa County Council and pass into the proposed reforms, the Foster Care Reform Bill:

1) Private agencies still can be responsible in helping foster children and finding foster homes for them. But before placing these foster children, there needs to be a thorough background check of the foster families and the type of environment surrounding the foster homes.

2) When foster youth age out, the child welfare services should still provide adequate support and prepare the children for the real world, making them financially independent before they move out of foster care.

3) Foster parents need training.Training coursework should be very specific to future parents and tailored to the requirements of the parents. Additional customized training is required for these scenarios: accepting and fostering LGBT children; training LGBT foster parents; and teenagers who are suffering from mental illnesses, stress-related disorders, and psychological disorders (PSTD).

4)When the United States national budget is being formulated, we need to set aside a lot of budget and amenities for foster care. Organizations can also provide incentives for their employees if they participate in community services such as the foster care program.

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