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In 1998 Canada implemented a new fire arms law in wich extensive background checks are conducted. Licences have been denied and revoked. To date, mass fatalities have dropped as firearms are less abundant. The U.S. has a slightly similar law called the Brady Handgun Control Act, however it seems that there is no real attempt to ensure firearms are not left in the wrong hands.

True there will always be home invasions and the possibility of one being taken however the fewer the gun population, the less potential for tragedy. It is not a human right to bare arms privately, it is a privilege. Had this privilege been taken seriously by the gun owner and the government perhaps the 27 people (20 of which were elementary age children) who were shot and killed would be spending this Saturday preparing for the holiday.

Please sign this petition for tougher gun control and penalties.

We, the undersigned, plead with the Government of the United States of America to revise the current firearms act and manage the distribution.

Tougher gun control and heavier penalties.

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