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Paedophiles and rapists yesterday won the right to have their names removed from the Sex Offenders Register in a landmark human rights ruling.

Appeal Court judges ruled sex offenders who no longer pose a threat should be given the chance to have their names wiped off the police database. The decision has outraged victims’ groups who fear sexual predators will commit further crimes without any restrictions or supervision of their movements.

The case comes after two convicted sex attackers, including a child rapist, went to the High Court arguing that being on the register for life was a breach of their human rights.

We the undersigned are outraged and are vehemently against the decision by the Supreme Court that Paedophiles are to be allowed to appeal being put on the sex offenders register for life. What about the rights of our children and survivors of abuse?

When the sex offenders commit the crime they hand a life sentence to their victims!!! We would like the Supreme Court to consider the rights of the survivors of the sexual crimes, and the safety of the wider community in general. The consequences of the perpetrators actions upon the victim lasts a lifetime.

Those found guilty of sexually based crimes should also reap the consequences of their actions for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, the safety of the wider community.... has be significantly eroded by the Supreme Court's decision.

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