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Most 16 year olds in America are not motivated to work. Guess how motivated they are to go to school!

I was 16 one day just like everyone over that age point. I was working at a supermarket of the name Albertsons. More often than not I had to work shifts ranging from 4PM to 12AM. Schoolwork gets difficult to manage during that time, and so did my social life. I became irresponsible, and I didn't have much or any time to spend with my friends because I was studying. Other students also fall into cracks of crime and risky behaviors to make much more money than they need. Thankfull,y, I graduated high school and I do not have to worry about these issues. I can work and still have time for other things while not attending school.

$7-10 is enough for dinner that night if needed. Students can also use the money to save and branch out their wallet while focusing on their studies, as well as being motivated to do so in the first place.

We the students of the United States, concur that each day attended by us, and our peers, should be rewarded with $7-11 dollars for our attendance that day.

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