#Students' Rights
Dillon County Schools
United States of America

My daughter, Jenipher, has been bullied most of her school life. Now, she's having teachers tell her negative things about herself and causing her more stress with all the pressure. I'm sure she is not the only one that's been through this. However, the school says the teacher is just pushing her to do her best when her best isn't good enough. Students are cruel and pick on the way she looks everyday. She isn't skinny. But she is o.d.d. so she snaps back. That they say makes it not bullying bc then it's an argument. She just broke down and said she wants to die but she knows she can't because God will just make her survive and torture her some more by making everyone else make her miserable. That no one cares about her but me and that she doesn't care if she dies anymore. She wants too. SHE IS 11 YEARS OLD PEOPLE!!! I know we are not alone and this has to stop! The school's need to take responsibility and do something. Instead of just trying to find a scapegoat bc bullying is too permanent on a school record.

We, the undersigned, call on the Dillon County school district to takeaction against bullying in our schools, by students and staff.

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