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Adding colour and noise to the London Road End.

The atmosphere inside London Road is fundamental to the way the team play and has an influence on the whole feeling around the club.

When things are going well and the supporters are leaving the ground singing it can only make the club as a whole feel all the more positive. When things are not exactly going to plan, if the supporters remain positive and passionate by continuing to support their team and generating a great atmosphere this belief will be passed to the lads on the field.

Also when a football ground has a great atmosphere it is a fantastic place to be, when people enjoy their stay in the stadium due to the vibrant atmosphere this will make them want to return and a new supporter is born, benefiting the club a great deal.

A group of supporters have been looking at ways of enhancing the atmosphere at London Road week in week out. Some of the older generation of supporters talk about the ‘London Road Roar’ that they believe has been missing for a very long time.

What we want to do is get the ‘Roar’ back inside the London Road End with a great atmosphere that gets behind the lads for the whole game.

One way in which we want to add to the atmosphere is by adding some colour to the London Road End in the form of banners and flags. Some of the supporters have produced some fantastic flags and banners for the sole purpose of supporting The Posh in a positive way.

The point of this petition is to show the support for supporters to be allowed to take flags and banners into the London Road End to bring some colour and add to the atmosphere.

Many other clubs around the country allow supports to bring their flags onto the terraces and we would like to be able to support our team in the same way.

Keep it Posh

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