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1. Fans Next to the Pitch in Tottenham's New Stadium

With a new stadium being planned to be built for Tottenham Hotspur, I think we should keep the fans pitch side.

The current stadium has a fantastic atmosphere and lets the fans be more involved with the game, compared to stadiums with no pitch side fans.

If we don't allow fans pitch side, I think we would lose out atmosphere.

2. Employee Dress Code at Peppers Beef and Seafood

Peppers Beef and Seafood has a very comfortable atmosphere. Our customers come here for the great food, friendly service and over-all enjoyment.

By asking many of our regular customers how they feel about the uniform change, some have no opinion.

However, most have stated that having such a professional look for the employees will bring the comfortable atmosphere that most come here for.

3. For flags and banners to be allowed indside the London Road terrace

Adding colour and noise to the London Road End.

4. Stop Global Warming

People are polluting the air causing the suns rays to get caught in the Earth's atmosphere. The extra heat is melting ice from Antartica causing the water level to rise and in. 50 years time, may kill thousands of people.

The lack of ice will also kill Polar Bears because they don't have ice to rest on in between swims making them exhausted and then drowning. Zoos can't help because these animals are WILD. (Information collected by the DVD "The Inconveient Truth").

5. A Campaign to save the Rainforests

We are campaigning to save the remaining Rainforests of the world from being destroyed. With this petition and your signature, which will make a difference, we will show the governments of the world that they can no longer ignore the growing problems that are facing the Earth. Without the lungs of this planet global warming will be a very serious issue with which we shall have a point of no return in the coming future.

Some governments are not taking the necessary steps to ensure the welfare of this planet and its inhabitants and some may not realise the importance of the rainforests to the world at large.
So what is so important about the Rainforests? Trees themselves suck up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then release oxygen, whereas we in turn as humans do the opposite we breathe in the oxygen and release carbon dioxide, with an ever increasing population we need the trees to balance human activity.

The major contributors to global warming are fossil fuels releasing carbon dioxide, fossil fuels are omitted from cars, lorries, planes, and anything that uses combustion. It is reported by scientists in the last 450,000 years, carbon dioxide has not risen as much as it has since the Industrial revolution

The importance of the Rainforests are their positioning, placed within the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn they lie on the Equator which receives the most sun.

With the trees not being destroyed carbon dioxide is absorbed, oxygen is released and the sun's rays can bounce back into space because of lower levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But even in this ideal situation all countries have to reduce their CO2 emissions.

With the Rainforests destroyed, oxygen is not released and carbon dioxide is not absorbed leading to higher levels of this gas in the atmosphere. The sun's rays then hit the Earth and cannot bounce back into space due to these high levels, thereby heating the Earth which also has an effect on the inside of the Earth.

Due to this destruction and global warming, the weather patterns are changing and becoming more irregular and more severe.

Please sign our petition. We don't want our children and their children's life to be determined by people with closed minds. We have to think ahead to the next seven generations.

As our forefathers fought for our freedom it is our turn to secure the future for the coming generations.

Please see our web site below
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6. Pontoon Pool Comp Protest

The Pontoon bar at Darling Harbour has, for over two years, held a quality pool competition. In fact the Thursday night pool comp has become a tradition of no little significance. Friends gather around the tables with their ales and stories of the week and then shoot pool in an atmosphere of fraternal solidarity wondering what amazing shot will win the night. The Inside Sport models offer their own unique commentary of the classic shots and draw the night together with their organisational skills.

This is the stuff that historians will write about in a hundred years. Regulars, ring-ins, friends, locals and others all gather around the venerable pool tables and all appreciate the atmosphere that has made the Pontoon a place worthy of respect.

Great shock and sadness accompanied the announcement on 9 August 2001 that the classic Pontoon pool comp was over.

This petition is the beginning of the campaign to revive a sure thing. The Pontoon pool comp will live on!!