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This petition was created out of my frustration and that of lots of people I have spoken to and will be sent to the FA.....

SHORT VERSION - Let players tackle & stop players diving!!

LONG VERSION - Now, I’m 25 so have not watched a great deal of football from the 70's & 80's but I do know that the game was played by men and that it was also a contact sport !!
Now pretty much everything has improved since those days, Skill, Pace, ability etc.

Except 2 things....

1. These days players need only to look at someone and the Ref blows his whistle.

2. Then you have the players, not to name them but we all know who they are.....they spend half their time rolling around like they have been shot, only to get straight back up. With the amount of camera's watching them you would have thought they would be embarrassed, clearly not!

This can be cut out of the game by clamping down on those who dive and allowing a player to make a tackle with some enthusiasm & determination.

The aim of this petition is not to try and dictate the rules of the game but to try and have some impact on those making the decisions.

We hope to get as many names as possible to sign this petition and send it to the FA, this might give them some clue how US, the football fans are getting fed up with the state of the game.

Please sign.....


We, the football fans, are calling for some action to be taken to clamp down on those who dive and we want players to make tackles with some enthusiasm & determination.

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