representatives of Rochelle Park and Midland School
United States of America

Midland Field is played on every day whether it's the midland school lion's or the kid's in each grade at lunch. It needs to be in good shape in order for the players to play with the full enthusiasm sports should be played at.

Also it is played on, on weekends in football and baseball. They should fix the grass and the baseball field. It is a public field. I'm sure their are plenty of people who have wanted a new field but just didn't think of a petition.

The old field is used during soccer season and the soccer players have been mad for a long time. They have complained because this is the only full-sized soccer field in Rochelle Park as well as the only 60-90 ft baseball field. It is the centerpiece of Rochelle Park.

Please sign this petition if you want Midland field to be fixed up.

I think the people of Rochelle Park need a nice field.

It would not be to expensive either.

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