The Athletic Association of Ireland

The current conditions in which Hammer and Discus throwers are expected to throw at Santry Stadium Dublin are unsafe for both the throws competitiors and the competitors on the track.

The "new" circle is the result of shody workmanship and it is highly unfair to ask athletes to throw in such dangrous conditions. Athletes have commented that they feel they are "signing a death warrent every time you went into it."

As well as it being unfair to ask athletes to throw from such conditions, it is even more unfair to ask them to throw in a manner that will be safe to track competitors. Throwers have complained about the difficulties in keeping control of the emplements they are throwing due to the conditions and unless this is rectified it WILL lead too an injury, either to a thrower or someone on the track.

The angle at which the cage is now set up also means that, on top of the highly dangrous and unpredictable conditions of the circle, it is highly possible for a 16lb hammer to land on the track. The AAI attempted to rectify this by abruptly changeing the direction of the sector line at 60m. This is something that a wayward hammer will not take into consideration when it is heading towards the track. And the AAI does not want to know what kind of damage a 16lb ball traveling at that speed can do to a track! Unless these conditions are taken into consideration, I can see the closeing of lanes due to damage as well as injury to athletes.

There has been outcry by members of the throwing community since the "new" circle was put down and various demands for the establishment of petitions. As well as being extremly angry at the conditions we are expected to perform in we do not wish to see clamp downs on our events due to somebody on the track being injured.

Irish Throwers have just as much a right to compete in safety as do the other athletes. It is the duty of the AAI to provide safe conditions for the athletes of this country to take part in. The conditions at Santry are safe for neither thrower nor athletes useing the track.

We respectfully ask that the circle be fixed or that the Irish Championships and other events due to be held at Santry be moved to a new location which provides proper and safe conditions for holding a competition.

We, the undersigned, ask that the Hammer/Discus Circle at Santry Stadium Dublin be repaired or replaced and brought to a standerd which provides proper and safe throwing conditions for the athletes, or that future competitions includeing the National Championships be staged at a location that provides for the safety of all the athletes taking part.

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