Northampton Borough Council
United Kingdom

The police have reported this several times to no avail.

To: All residents of Duston

If like me you are appalled at the state of the paving slabs in Limehurst Square please sign this petition. It has been brought to my attention that the local police have reported the condition of this paving on numerous occasions but nothing has been done.

I myself have seen Council Lorries parked all four wheels on the paving. The Post Office Van also parks on the pavement. This is not a miserly complaint there are over a hundred cracked or broken slabs, one even rises to nearly an inch off the ground if you step on one side.

This is clearly a serious environment hazard not only to the elderly and wheelchair users but also to the youth of Duston who tend to glide across it a bit quicker than the old folk.

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The Fix Diabolical Pavements in Limehurst Square petition to Northampton Borough Council was written by Alan Bradshaw and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.