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This is a petition for Health Canada to allow Electronic Cigarette Nicotine Alternatives for use in Canada.

Since its inception in 2006, the electronic cigarette has proved a viable source for smoking alternatives. The device consists of a small, elongated tube cosmetically similar to that of a cigarette. The difference is that the electronic cigarette delivers a harmless vapor that contains a small amount of nicotine, rather than the toxic slurry of chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The response from smokers who have used the product is tremendous and almost all that have used this product agree that it has allowed them to discontinue the use of tobacco cigarettes. Many of these users have reported better overall health and well being since using the Electronic Cigarette Nictone Alternative over traditional tabbaco products.

The government of Canada is not allowing the sale and distribution of these alternatives in Canada. Their official stand is that the E-Cigarette has been marketed as a cessation device and therefor is not a reasonable source to quit smoking. This is not the case nor has it been marketed as such, but rather, as a safer alternative to smoking. The more conceivable reason that they are not permitted in Canada is due to the high tax rates tobacco products carry here in Canada. It makes more financial sense for the government to continue to tax tobacco products and smoking cessation products (nicotine gum, patches, the inhaler) then to allow a product that is untaxable into their country.

I find this an outrage, as a smoker and having tried the electronic cigarette. I feel as if my rights are being violated. I feel that Canadians should be offered a smoking alternative as successful as this. I feel as if the government and big tobacco should no longer profit off our addictions and illnesses.

If you are a smoker, if you know someone who smokes, if you LOVE someone who smokes or if you just can't STAND the rotten smell of those smoking around you, please, sign this petition.

Let’s tell the government that we choose a smoke free Canada. Sign this petition to allow Electronic Cigarette Nicotine Alternatives IN to Canada and finally (and perhaps forever) get smoking OUT.

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