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The "ASSAULT" game type has been loved and appreciated by gamers all over the globe, a game type which encourages team play, tactics. A game type that brings out a wide variety of emotions in the people who play it. A game type where even the newest of gamers can feel a part of a team, and do their bit to help their side win!

"ASSAULT" is also a very easy game to learn as well as being immensely fun to play; 3 bases, 3 flags, capture/defend them the best you can! Thats the basics and all you need to know to be able to play "ASSAULT".

FarCry 2 is now on our horizons, it features stunning graphics and what promises to be an epic single player with amazing game play. But what the majority of the gaming world will be thinking will be if this game play will be reflected in its multiplayer side.

This petition asks gaming community if they would like to see the "ASSAULT" game type featured in FarCry 2.

Please sign this petition if you want assault to be included in Far Cry 2. The peition will be sent to Ubisoft Montreal!

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