South Africa
South Africa

How many mother's or father's have been falsely accused of child abuse, physically or sexually, when a separation or divorce occurs? How many mother's or father's get away with falsely accusing the other parent? More than what you think.

Although there are mothers that have been falsely/wrongly accused, today, I, a woman, a mother, want to make a stand for Father's in South Africa who have had there parental human rights ripped away from them by mother's who are fully aware that the allegations they made were false and have gotten away with it.

It is so easy for a mother to make those allegations and get away with it. But who is fighting for that father that is actually completely innocent?

I, the undersigned, call on the South African Family Courts, to rule that a parent that has been found to have knowingly falsely accused the other parent of sexual or physical abuse of a child, be given a prison sentence or a R100 000.00, and full custody given to the other parent.

A parent found to be purposely alienating a parent from their child for their own self fish benifit, should receive the same punishment.

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