Real Madrid Club - Calderon
Kingdom of Bahrain

The Real Madrid president would like to sack the football coach Fabio Capello.

This is totally unfair.

I think Fabio Capello is the right coach for the club and he has to continue what he has built already, he just came back to the club after 10 years when he left as a champ and he is again champ now (after 4 empty titles for the club).

Regardless of his mistakes (if any) and there is no one is 100% perfect, it is enough that he build a team with this kind of fighting spirit that most of the players were not having.

I think without him and (Reyes two goals in last match) the milions of fans around the world could not be happy and still continuing celebriting the 30th title.

At last I urge the presedent to stick to Capello at least for another season.

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