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Many councils in England are struggling to fund the national concessionary fares scheme, which allows eligible older and disabled people to travel free on buses.

Central government has passed the funding of the scheme to local authorities, but in many cases with large shortfalls in what it actually costs to run it.

Rural English shire counties are suffering the most, with their funding from the government to run the scheme reduced by over £60 million.

In Norfolk alone, the funding shortfall this year compared to last amounts to £4.5m.

A similar story applies across the country, in counties East, West, North and South.

The concessionary fares scheme is a very positive one. All councils support the principles behind it and recognise the value it offers pass holders.

But the present funding shortfall is resulting in them having to cut public transport budgets elsewhere to meet the gap meaning other transport users are suffering.

If you think it is only fair the government thinks again and provides adequate funding – sign our petition now.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government to adequately fund councils in England to deliver the national concessionary travel scheme.

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