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Majority of young people who are out of work apply for apprenticeships. Currently in my town there are many apprenticeships although I've apply for many and still seem to get nothing out of the interview.

Apprenticeships are supposed to be helping young people like myself although its just like a normal job in the UK only the best get the job and now its the same for apprenticeships only the ones with the grades get the chance. Like myself I have loads of experience but the interviewers were only interested at grades and levels which at the time I did not have certificates to prove my grades due me just finishing school and not receiving the certificate till August 2011.

For example I live in my own flat at 17 with barely any money, living on money from social services which is very difficult to live on, but I do not want to be on benefits in the future or now I would like an opportunity to have a job and not be sat at home doing nothing.

United Kingdom Apprenticeships should be fairer and easier to get. Interviewers for apprenticeships should not need to evaluate a young person by there grades or experience. Apprenticeships are there to train so there is no need for experience or grades.

Apprenticeships should not be fussy on who they choose because its not helping the UK with there young unemployment troubles. Something more needs to be done and Apprenticeships should be higher in pay or less in hours because its simply cruel to be making someone to work full hours for less than others.

It's simply unfair that young people who want to work are not getting a chance and that people with more money and better class still get a better chance at being accepted for an apprenticeship in the United Kingdom.

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