#Media Issues
The Media, www.cnn.com, www.msnbc.com, etc.
United States of America

The media networks like CNN, Fox News, and many others seem to not report on Former Senator John Edwards, and if they do by some chance report on John Edwards it’s always negative.

I mean for example just recent CNN, MS NBC, and many others, reported on Barack Obama placing 1st in the Iowa Caucuses, and they also reported Hillary Clinton placing 3rd in the Iowa Caucuses, but they never really reported on John Edwards placing 2nd, The only thing they did say was that Edwards was out of the race for President.

Once again after placing 2nd in Iowa, they still reported negatively on John Edwards. I think it’s all because John Edwards is willing to take on the big corporations and their lobbyist and I think that scares them just a little, but that does not give them the right to report biased and unfair on John Edwards.

We, the undersigned, call on the media to report fair and unbiased information on Presidential Candidate Former Senator John Edwards.

If they choose to not do so, we ask that the media networks sponsors pull their sponsorship from the networks, until they decide to report fair and unbiased.

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