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Ontario highway transport board

This service meant to provide easy safe and fast option for people from Barrie to reach Toronto and people from Toronto go back to Barrie. This service is meant to help to create less traffic on the roads by including 15 passengers in one van And not having 15 cars at the same time on the road.this service is meant to keep our environment cleaner by creating less pollution .This service is a familiar too many people from other countries where it used for many years with a big success we are asking to allow people of Ontario using this service.

We understand that a transportation from Barrie to Toronto can be improved that's why we would like to add van passengers transportation to the existing services. We understand that there is a lot of traffic in the both ways and we was thinking to help this issue by transporting 15 people at the same time in the van and not having 15 cars at the same time on the road. We would like to ask how many of you would like to use this service . How many of you would find this service useful and helpful in your daily life.

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