Nintendo of America

For years, many handheld games and mobile devices have overwhelmed millions of people worldwide, specially Nintendo with its unique handhelds like their Nintendo DSi.

And such a successful handheld can be improved in different of ways. For example, giving more versatility to the system by adding common every-day applications that we see in many other appliances (such as Cell Phones, Computers other handheld games, etc.) like IM, Twitter, Myspace, and more to its Nintendo DSi Shop.

And since Nintendo is such a success, all of this can be fullfilled.

We, the undersigned, ask of Nintendo of America to improve the versatility of the Nintendo DSi by adding Instant Messaging applications like Aim, MSN and Yahoo to the DSi Shop. We would also ask Nintendo to include other apps like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

So now we ask people reading this to sign this petition so that we can help improve the functionality of the Nintendo DSi. Thank You.

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The Expand the Functionality of the Nintendo DSi petition to Nintendo of America was written by Luis F. and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.