This Petition is made in response to the fact that Tasmanians will soon have to pay out hundreds of dollars to use an ambulance under the user-pays system which was announced as part of the state budget this year.

The bill will force the half of Tasmanians population who are not in private health to take out insurance or face a hefty bill when they call an ambulance.

Labor tried to introduce an ambulance levy in 1989 which was scrapped after public outcry. with enough public support we can stop it again.

We, the undersigned, call on the Tasmanian State Government to

• Prioritise essential public services like health care by properly funding our ambulance services

• Expanding the role of Patient Transport Services for non-urgent trips, reducing the demand on our ambulances.

• Scrap the plans announced in the State budget for introducing a user-pays system that requires people to take out private health insurance, that charges high fees for an ambulance call-out, and that does not exempt low-income earners or pensioners.

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