#Roads & Transport
Bournemouth Council
United Kingdom

Recently in Bournemouth town center and the surrounding areas, street skating has been banned. Those found committing the offence have had their boards confiscated. The skate park above the lower toilets has also recently been taken away, so now, those who want to skate have to skate on the streets.

Not only is street skating on the streets dangerous, but it also disturbs the peace of the area. We are doing a petition, to get a safe place to skate in Bournemouth town center, as Poole and other skate parks are too far away for us to walk to.
Even if you don't skate in Bournemouth center, if they've taken our park, then they'll be after yours too.
Please support our cause by signing our petition. Thank-you.

We, the undersigned, want a safe place to skate in Bournemouth town center.

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