#Students' Rights
La Trobe University

The cost of textbooks required to pass tertiary courses has become increasingly unaffordable for the majority of students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Two Thirds of students surveyed say there was an inadequate supply of textbooks available in their university library, which made it effectively compulsory for students to purchase them in order to pass their courses. -(NUS 2010 Education Quality Survey).
Providing equal opportunity to access core course materials for all students, regardless of their economic background, is essential for any university seeking to increase results and retention rates, which are goals held by La Trobe University.

The importance of access to these resources is of even more importance at universities like La Trobe, which actively target lower socio-economic areas as part of their strategy to increase enrolments.

We call on La Trobe University to provide students with free access to eTextbook subscription services for all core reading materials required to pass any course offered.

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