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As we all know, there is a leash law. Which is instated to protect our children, animals, etc. But with that said, there isn't a designated place to take pets who need exercise.
A lot of Citizens within our city live in apartments or in homes without much of a yard, which lacks for an animals well-being.

There are zoo/exotic animals within Victoria, but not a single location to take care of our dogs needs? And most people have dogs within this city, making the need for a location such as this, even more so.

When the leash law was instated, people said it was put into place to help stop sick, injured, and deceased pets from being picked up by animal control.
But that just isn't true.
I see stray dogs and cats weekly, and all over town. Unless a patrol officer is right there, no one can truly stop the dumping of animals, even though it's cruel.
To conclude, even with the the production of a dog park, a safe, unrestrained location, The leash law will still be in effect. Everywhere but the dog park.

We, the people of Victoria, would like to push forward to add into the city a dog park/area.
There are many areas in Victoria that have space for this to be put into place, and this is a benefit to many people who own pets.

A prime location for this, is within Riverside, at a turn around area near the ball field. I know with that area not being as up kept as other areas, it is a location where inappropriate behavior COULD take place, and by changing it from a empty location into one that incorporates and benefits RESPONSIBLE pet owners, everyone can be happy.

As many people do know, there is a leash law within Victoria. Proper collar and leashing are required. Many pet owners live within apartments in our city, or in one without enough yard for proper exercise/enrichment for their pets.
With this change, there would be no excuse for lack of enrichment for pets, and would increase tourism/exploration of our beautiful park.
All types of people gather within Riverside. For going out to eat, family outing at the zoo, moms and dads taking their children to the playground, school baseball games. You name it.
If zoo animals can be located within our city, and within our park, why can't their be one area, with room for our pets to run and dog equipment within it for them to train/play?

With the addition of a dog park, the leash law doesn't have to be removed. It's still in effect anywhere else. But gives pets a safe location where they can burn off energy.

I express my extreme wishes that the city deeply consider and agree for the well-being of our 4 paw family members!
Thank you for your time and consideration!

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