#Human Rights
Biological and Non Biological Parents
United States of America

Currently, at least in Florida, non biological parents have no rights to their children.

In today's day and age we cannot still hold the preconception of the conventional definition of a parent. That definition being that the title of father or mother is assigned solely by the contributors of the child's genes.

There are many situations today when a male will impregnate a girl and then disappear. This girl then goes on with her life and hopefully keeps and has the child. There are also many situations where that mother will meet someone during pregnancy or shortly after that not only becomes a mate and a support for her but bonds and because the parent for that child.

In many of these situations the mother and her suitor might decide that he would be the child's dad and place him on the child's birth certificate and he would in every way raise that child.

Of course in such - the father bonds to that child. What I'm seeking to change is that mans rights if something were to happen that he is separated from the child's mother. He is as much, if not more, of a father than the biological father and in some cases the biological mother and that child sees him as his daddy. In the current system the man has no choice but to have his child, that he has raised, supported and most importantly has loved from before day one, completely taken out of his life and he is powerless to stop it. This must change.

The Dad who has spent his time, finances and most importantly his heart with that child should not have the child removed from him completely any more than the biological parent should. In as much the child loses in this system as well because that child has spent his life recognizes this person as his daddy - all to have him taken away.

I myself was raised by my uncle and Aunt because my biological parents were unfit at the time due to alcohol and drug habits. My DNA contributors are my biological mother and father, however, my aunt and uncle are my Mom and Dad.

We, the undersigned, call for this law to be changed to allow a non biological parent the same rights as a biological providing that he/she can show that they are the parent that has been there and that it is in fact in the child's best interest.

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