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Currently in Canada a woman makes $0.705 for every $1.00 a man makes. This needs to be addressed! We are currently ranked 25th in the world on the gender gap index. Do we want to be known for this?

Steven Harper recently tried to change the Canadian National anthem to be Gender Neutral. This is a lame response to a serious problem. I think it is insulting that Harper has concentrated on such a backward fruitless task. We need to make sure that he does something substantial in its place!

I think it is about time something real was done. The average pay for women in each and every company needs to be on par with the average pay for men of that same company. Also these companies need to be held responsible for this requirement. Any Companies found violating this law should be fined and a portion of the fine paid to each of the effected female employees. Age, ethnicity, and religious background need to be brought into play as well.

As well a regular audit of a company’s payroll should be made to ensure that a company is being compliant. Possibly done once every 2 or 3 years for each company.

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We the undersigned, call upon the Canadian government to have new pay equality legislation be enacted that ensures the average pay for women in each and every company be on par with that of the men working for that same company.

We also want to see consistent enforcement of this legislation through regular audits and a response system for complaints.

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