#Gender Rights and Issues
Foothill Board of Officers
United States of America

Currently the foothill campus provides access to 5 gender neutral bathrooms, while the community on campus highly appreciates the attempts to provide access to gender neutral bathrooms, equal access to these restrooms is not actually being provided. These bathrooms are located in complex areas, and become easily difficult to find, on top of this these bathrooms have no signage indicating which way to go for the gender neutral bathrooms, and one even finds the bathroom they actually end up realizing they have to get the bathroom unlocked. This process is something that people face when just trying to use the restroom, something that would take anyone else just a walk down the hallway. While we are asking for equal signage and publicity for the gender neutral bathrooms, we are also asking for three new gender neutral bathrooms to provide equal access for students so that they are not required to travel across the campus just to use the restroom. The first proposed location is in the Hubert H. Semans library, as there is already bathrooms located in the facility that could be easily made into gender neutral bathrooms, and these bathrooms would located in a central part of campus, which would provide much easier easier access for those taking any classes near the quad. The second proposed location is for the bathrooms near the Lohman theater, as the bathrooms are located near both the public theater and the admissions and records building, meaning anyone who might be visiting the campus would have equal accessibility to a gender neutral bathroom. This bathroom would also provide a secure location for those taking classes in the agriculture department. The third and final proposed location for a gender neutral bathroom is in the gym area near the pool as accessibility, for any person who participates in any physical activity is limited to only the male and female bathrooms. Providing these bathrooms would provide complete and equal accessibility to gender neutral for anyone who needs to use these bathrooms. In general, gender neutral bathrooms only create a more positive, welcoming, and accepting campus, so to provide bathrooms to give equal accessibility as well, provides the Foothill Campus with more benefits, than fear from the public not accepting the progressive shift to a more inclusive world. The community on campus shows its support for its next step in a more progressive and accepting world, and equal accessibility by providing proper signage, changing two preexisting bathrooms into gender neutral bathrooms, and adding a new bathroom to the physical activities area, gives not just a positive atmosphere, but it also provides giving equal access to those in the world who do not find themselves as someone using either a male or female restroom.

A legal note that we would like to make is that while the 2017 law does provide protection for gender neutral bathrooms, it provides access to at least one stall restrooms, however this does not mean the limit of gender neutral bathrooms is only one stall bathrooms, so the Foothill college can make the conscious decision to make these bathrooms more accessible by making more centralized located gender neutral bathrooms.

We, the undersigned, call on the Foothill Government, to relieve the distress that members of the LGBTQIA+ community may face when acting on the simple task of using the restroom by asking for two new gender bathrooms to be added by changing the preexisting bathroom in the Hubert H. Semans Library and near the Lohman Theater, and for a new gender neutral bathroom to be added near the physical activities area, and equal and proper signage for the currently existing and proposed bathrooms to be added on campus, to properly and equally advertise the gender neutral bathrooms, all of which would provide equal accessibility for gender neutral bathrooms for anyone in the foothill campus.

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