The Football Association
United Kingdom

Updated: August 9, 2006

Members of Englanfans have been treated appallingly by the organisation, who have lied, spun and avoided answering questions over the handling of this years World Cup Ticket allocations and the amounts given to the Football Family.

This can be seen in the following report http://www.smile4you.co.uk/england/ffreport.pdf

I have read both Football Family reports and I believe that the Football Association/Englandfans has treated its members extremely badly over the allocation of world cup tickets to the Football Family.

Although the reports show that there are many questions remaining that need answering, I call upon the FA/EF to:

Commit in the case of all away matches played by England to allocating ALL tickets received from the host FA or tournament organisers to englandfans members (i.e. to restrict the perks for the 'football family' to tickets for games falling under the FA's own direct control).

Failing the above, to commit to a transparent, fixed number of tickets per away England game for the 'football family' and to publish this figure now so that englandfans members are able to take a view as to whether they wish to renew their membership on this basis.

To commit to permitting a member of englandfans, democratically chosen by the membership, to visit the FA's offices in the days immediately following the allocation of tickets for each major tournament and to be shown there and then the full breakdown of how these have been allocated.

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