#Human Rights
We will send the signatures to the Governemnt of Mauritania, Sherpa, Kinross Gold Corp, SEC

Kinross is known for its lack of respect of laws, regulations and human/animal lives.

It is one of the most suspicious gold mining company in the
industry and is still under probation from the SEC. While it keeps finding genius ways to stay officially unprofitable, Kinross is playing with the economical lives of Mauritanians and at the same time changing for ever their environmental habitat. The local government is trying to keep up with the industry and regulate the best they can but they do not have the expertise and enough resources to set up on time the proper controls.

It is a must to have Taziast Mauritania Limited SA back to the native population for the following

1) Protect the lives of the Bedouins surrounding the mines: Bedouins have been affected in many ways mostly their health, the lack of access to potable water due to the operations of Kinross, the change of travelling routes due to road blockages by Kinross exploration sites,

2) The livestock of Bedouins is also endangered by Kinross operations. While it remains the most precious placement for Bedouins, the animals are endangered by the dust, traffic control and holes left by the operation of Kinross. A poor and unfair compensation system mostly based on blackmailing the Bedouins into accepting the few bucks given otherwise they will be cut out of any social benefits programs,

3) Protect the biggest natural reserve in North West Africa: Band Arguine, established in 1976 and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1989. It is an international reserve within the boundaries of the limit of Kinross exploration and
exploitation permits. The Band is the largest marine protected area in West
Africa and plays a key role in maintaining marine biodiversity and protecting the ecosystem of the Gulf of Arguine. It is crucial in the renewal of fisheries resources throughout the Mauritanian exclusive economic zone and the
sub-region. The cyanide, lime and other chemicals used by Kinross are already affecting the Band and its habitants called the IMIRAJEN who are the local fishermen who are famous for their fishing technics, with the help of dauphins, develop during centuries.

4) The excessive usage of water by Kinross operations: the danger of the pipeline used by Kinross of the livestock is a really. The bigger danger is the amount of water pumped by Kinross operations, it doesn’t respect any norms and the inhabitants of the Inchiray Region are suffering from this. Kinross knows it so much that it had decided to calm the locals by trucking water to them and distract them from the real issues

5) It is the biggest economic disaster in North West Africa: according to Kinross, it is not a profitable operation. Yet again, the contracts that are being site by Kinross locally but with international providers are numerous. The Government of Mauritania is not allowed by the company to have access to the contracts and cannot verify the amounts paid.

6) All international companies used by Kinross are linked to Taziast
Management and Regional Executives. The said companies do not pay taxes for the Local government and not are obliged to recruit from the local workforce. It is obvious that if the local government do not get what they are entitled too, it will be harder for them to train, develop and keep up with the industry. There is a real direct malicious intent to prevent the Government and Mauritanians to develop enough to be able to run the mine by themselves,

7) Economical Slavery: the wages of contractors working with Taziat Mauritania Limited SA have been revised and reduced in a way that it is way below the minimum wages in the local mining industry. This has allowed few contractors issued from the majority of white Moorish called the Ebeydani to bring either their current or former slaves called the Haratiins. Taziast doesn’t declare their contracts on purpose to the Government and hide being bunch of argumentation to preserve itself from responsibilities. It is quite obvious that Kinross is encouraging this and is not providing an environment that allows slavery and economical dependency to continue in a country where slavery is still a hot topic.

8) Corrupting the lifestyle of the workers: Kinross has opened a bar on site. While the access to is supposedly controlled, the liquor is still yet being distributed on site to those ‘obedient enough and who deserved it’ (words of a previous Manager). While it is a personal choice, Kinross should be presenting things that are not related to the local traditions in order to increase dependency toward a product that cannot be found outside the company.

It is also known that Tasiast figures that are usually presented to Kinross
Gold Corp are not accurate and it was reported few times by employees the misleading that this might bring to the industry and the market. The number of ounces produced is not really controlled by the locals in term of purity as the result come from a laboratory paid by the company to present figures that will disavantage the population of Mauritania and what they are getting in royalties.

It is in fact a dangerous thing as while Ruffer Llp increased its stake in
Kinross Gold Corp (KGC) by 33.87% based on its latest 2018Q3 regulatory filing
with the SEC, it should be announced that Tasiast Kinross is a corrupted
company doing business while surfing on the irregularities and misery of the
system in place.

We want to stop the irresponsible and unlawful exploitation of the Tasiast Mine while the locals will find a more suitable company that will help build the future of the country and avoid the sons of Mauritanians to have to attempt the access to a better life by desperately throwing themselves in the sea to reach Europe.

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