#City & Town Planning
Tower Hamlets Council
United Kingdom

Section 8/ Cook Square in the Cook's Yard / Borough of Tower Hamlets, London, is an innovative cultural integration project by Dynacorp Ltd.

The proposal consists of two parts: the first part is a multifunctional venue for dancing, music, exhibitions, rehearsals, charity work, and the second is a public square dedicated Captain James Cook, who lived in the place.

The project is a local, private initiative challenging stereotypes of contemporary: entertainment, cultural participation and urban design. “Smart Growth” and “24-hours City” concepts are essential parts of the proposal.

The project stakeholders are local and international artists and activists, who dedicate their lives to modern arts, humanities and social evolution. The team is independent, able and willing to respond to the recent recession with passion and competence.

The petition addresses the Tower Hamlets Council, who is the most important decision maker in the development process. Without the Council and without public support we will not be able to give a chance to the ideas, works, and dreams of many people involved in this project.

You can make it happen.

Thank you,
Section 8/ Cook Square

We the undersigned ask you, the Tower Hamlets Council- for your understanding and approval of the proposal.

We are convinced, that the Section 8/ Cook Square project offers a number of great opportunities to the local communities and a chance of success to many.

Constructive social initiatives of this kind represent: active citizenship, entrepreneurship, and social solidarity. We work for the good name of the Borough.

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