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The videogame "Active Shooter" is a game in which a player assumes the role of a swat officer during an active shooter situation, or the shooter committing the attack. There was recently a petition to pull the game from steam, a gaming website where you can purchase games. I don't condone violent acts, but am against censorship at any level. If this game is censored , why can't call of duty be censored for simulating war and assassination of political leaders? It's a slippery slope that leads to unfair treatment of ideas that people with power don't agree with.

We, the undersigned, call for Valve corporation to restore every game created by "Revived games", "ACID", and "Ata Berdiyev" that was removed from the Steam catalogue, back to the Steam catalogue. This includes the controversial " Active Shooter" game. This is all in the name of anti-censorship.

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