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The Electoral College was created when our country was just forming. It was created and added as the 12th Amendment to our US Constitution mainly because to use a popular vote wasn't very practical. The nation's land area was vast, the population was small, and very spread out. The former democratic models, such as Rome and Greece, would divide the land-owning men into groups, and each group of 100 got to represent 1 vote. This is the basis for the Electoral College we still use today. To read a full hisotrical perspecive, go to: http://uselectionatlas.org/INFORMATION/INFORMATION/electcollege_history.php

We now live in a world where almost everyone has access to learn a great deal about the candidates we elect. That was not the case in the 1700's, 1800's, and maybe even as short of a time ago as 100 years. Since we now have television, internet, 24 hour news in many formats, etc, as well as very reliable transportation, safe roads, and a much larger and better educated population than we did even 100 years ago, I am starting a petition to ask our Senators, Representatives, and state Governors/Governments to trust the vote of the people, the popular vote, and modify the 12th article of the US Constitution to allow the popular vote winner to become the President of the United States, and abolish the Electoral College System.

Please sign this petition if you truly want to make one of the most profound and difficult changes we can ask for as citizens of what is supposed to be the best example of Democracy on earth. Right now, when we as Americans, go and vote for a president, our vote is NOT what truly decides who will become president. For the 5th time in history, Hillary Clinton won the POPULAR VOTE (That's us!), but Donald Trump won the Electoral Vote to be elected president. The Electoral College is supposed to reflect who America votes for, but not this time!

Signing this petition and adding your voice can tell your Senators, Representatives, and State Government/Governors that we the people want our Constitution to change to reflect that each of us are now educated, able to be informed, and that information can be spread reliably and quickly enough to allow for the popular vote to be the one that determines who our president will be. It will take an act of Congress and ratification by all 50 states, but if we let our desire for our votes to REALLY MATTER be heard, we can start as big change right here, one signature at a time!

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