#Human Rights
Chinese Embassy in DC

The One Child Policy in China allows families to have only one child, with few exceptions, in an effort to control the population. For example, if a mother who already has a child gets pregnant and the government somehow becomes aware, the women will be whisked away for a forced abortion and likely sterilization.

There are many documented cases of pregnant mothers being kidnapped, imprisoned and beaten, then forced to abort, as late-term as up to nine months. The government should not be involved in family planning.

Below are some articles that give a clear picture of just what is going on: (Copy and paste)



The facts: http://factsanddetails.com/china.php?itemid=128&catid=4&subcatid=15

Please do your part to help to end The One Child Policy. Women should not be forced to abort their children. This is infanticide. Stand up for women, children and family rights. This is appalling!

We the undersigned, call on The Chinese Embassy or Whosoever may hear to eliminate The One Child Policy that controls family planning and forces families to abort their children.

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