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The United States Electoral College, is an out of date system we use to select the President of the United States. The candidate to reach 270 electoral votes wins.

The number of electoral votes for each state, is the sum of its U.S. Senators (two) and number of U.S. Representatives (the District of Columbia has the same number of votes it would if it was a state -three).

State ballots, however, suggest that voters are voting for President. This is not true. Every state (except Maine and Nebraska) uses the short ballot, in which a vote for one party is a vote for a slate of Presidential Electors. 41 days after the Popular vote, the Electors make their choice for President. Around one month following the casting of electoral votes, U.S. Congress meets to declare the winner of the election.

This makes no sense.

-A candidate can lose the popular vote, and still become President. This has happened four times (1824, 1876, 1888, 2000).

-It is possible to win the election by winning just eleven states (California (55), Texas (34), New York (31), Florida (27) Illinois (21), Pennsylvania (21), Ohio (20), Michigan (17), Georgia (15), New Jersey (15), North Carolina (15))=271 electoral votes.

-The United States of America is the shining beacon of democracy. A place where every vote counts; well it counts in picking the people who choose the President. For the leading Country of the free world, it seems strange to put so much responsibility in such few hands.

Let's simplify the process while enhancing the efficiency and fairness of it. Let us go into the future unified as a country- The most votes by the PEOPLE, chooses who leads.

Let us use the Popular Vote to choose our President.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Government to abolish the Electoral College in favor of the Popular vote.

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