#Animal Rights
Euroepean Parliament

The current legislation from the Euro Parliament - all products must be tested on rodents and non rodents - allows dogs, cats and major primates to be used as fodder for any experiments.

Dogs are fed poison into the lungs etc etc. Establishments who test products for profit can use dogs and cats in any way they choose(Huntingdon, Inveresk Research, Covance etc ) in any way they choose, hiding behind this inaccurate and archaic legislation. NON-ANIMAL RESEARCH IS PR0VEN TO BE MORE ACCURATE.

We the undersigned call upon the European Parliament to replace non rodent tests with non animal tests.

The Select Committee Report to the House of Commons (UK) proposed back in 2001 that replacements to animals are more accurate.

Methods such as human cell based in-vitro screening, and human brain imaging are just some of the modern techniques far more accurate than animals. The current suffering of dogs, cats and major primates is completely unacceptable.

In vitro toxicity testing should replace pumping chemical and poisons into the lungs and stomachs of dogs, cats and primates instead of the current barbaric cruelty taking place due to their legislation.

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