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I have seen homeless people on the street, but I never give them money because of fear that they would spend it on drugs and alcohol. This is not to due to prejudice at all; I would not give any stranger money because of this fear.

Homeless people are still people! One of the reasons why people are homeless is because they do not want to have to go into shelter because they do not want to lose their dogs. The answer to this would be to create more dog-friendly homeless shelters where the people have their own rooms where the dogs can be kept in to stop the risk of allergy in the other people. Another reason why people are homeless is due to not having enough money to afford household costs.

The answer to this too would be to use old buildings where possible and to build new homeless shelters, as well as to reduce household costs. Another common reason is due to family problems such as divorces and abuse. The solution to many of these domestic problems would be to promote the charity Samaritans more so that they can talk to these people.

If we do not help the homeless, they will be less inclined to want to help us if we ever need help for them. Also, we need to consider the people themselves as well. How would you like to have to sleep on a pavement all night and eat scraps and cheap food for your only meals?

As well as this, animal welfare may also suffer because they may sometimes get an even worse deal. This is not the homeless people's fault. Rather it is because they cannot afford good food and veterinary treatment for their dogs and live too far away from clinics that offer free animal health care.

In my vision, Homeless Awareness day would involve people from homeless charities coming around to different schools and collecting money as well as people who have been homeless before coming to do talks and answer students' questions about what it's like to live on the streets.

We, the undersigned, wish to see the government implant these ideas and help the dogs as much as their homeless owners. We feel that these steps are necessary to reduce/halt homelessness once and for all.

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