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This bill is about the reduction of risks and building of trust; it has been written as a means to ensure that Medical Professionals receive crisis management and anger management training.

This bill will also mandate that medical professionals take a Hippocratic Oath once a year, as to combat the often callous nature of some people who work in medicine. This bill also mandates a few other things like: the use of treatment plans, and using respectful language with patients. Our daughter recently lost her life, and most of the medical staff surrounding her at her death were panicked, angry or callous. They had forgotten their medical training because they were not trained on how to handle themselves emotionally in a crisis.

I can't say if she would have lived if her medical staff would have been emotionally in control of themselves, but I can say her odds would have been better. The entire bill can be found online at: http://humanityinhealthcare.wordpress.com/

Dear Georgia House of Representatives, 

I have written a bill with the help of family and friends and I would like it enacted into law. I fully understand that online petitions do not count as a physical legal petition, but they do have positive impacts.

I would like to move forward soon towards actions that are legally binding to get this bill enacted into law. I have already put a lot of time and effort towards this, and I have the wherewithal to see this to a close.

I am hoping for your support with this manner.

The entire bill can be found online at: http://humanityinhealthcare.wordpress.com/

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