Eurovision Aus

Empire of the Sun should be Australias next representation for Eurovision 2017.

- They're a bizarre and alternate band that would fit with the style of Eurovision
- They've had success in Europe in the past.
- They have awesome and crazy costumes.

When you think of Eurovision what jumps out at you? the crazy costumes? The far out set pieces? The awesome and unique tastes in music? Though Australia certainly did a fantastic job with Dami in Eurovision, I believe that Empire of the Sun encapsulates what the true bizarre and quirky nature of Eurovision.

So let's try and get the idea out there and in SBS's head that if we really wanna make our mark on the Europeans we need to be out there with our choice in musicians. Also they have had great success in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg hitting the top of the charts in each of those countries with 'We are the People'.

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