NDP and Green parties of Canada

We, The New Democratic Party, symbolized frequently by Tommy Douglas and medicare, are a party of social and environmental compassion with a platform that consists of progressive issues such as LGBT rights, international peace and environmental stewardship.

I feel that, ever since The Late & Great Jack Laytons' passing, the leadership of NDP have steered us towards the dangerous road of the typical norms. We have always been the party of universal betterment for the individual. But in recent times we have become the "so called" establishment elite and we need to redirect our movement. The NDP, in this time of need, would benefit from the openness, and free thinking of Madame May. I believe NDP has lost its direction and maybe May is the Way.

We, the undersigned, call on Elizabeth May to be elected as Federal NDP Leader and dissolve/merge the two parties.

We, the undersigned, are also concerned with the leadership and direction our party has moved towards, and we call for a thorough review.

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