Environmental Defense Fund

Earth is our home, and home is where we should feel safe, healthy and at peace. Inaction on climate change is not an option. Science shows climate change as being the most urgent threat facing our planet today. The U.S alone has felt the toll of $145 billion worth of damages caused by floods, wildfires, and droughts all across the country. According to a new study, dangerous effects such as intolerable heat waves and permanent damage to our Earth are 95% likely unless we change this course. If nations do not move away from fossil fuels much more quickly, we lose any hope of preventing a future on a planet that is undoubtedly overheated. The cost of transitioning to a sustainable future is high, but is going to be necessary, sooner or later. Let's try to make that future a better one, SOONER!

We, the inhabitants of our earth, call globally on those who want a safer, cleaner earth for our futures, to help in the ongoing fight of eliminating climate change.

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