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On university campuses, students with medical marijuana cards are unprotected; many students who live on campus do not have access to proper facilities for holding their marijuana legally because of the on-campus policies that are in effect.

This is due in part to the fact that California universities receive federal funding with the condition that they keep a "Drug-Free" campus - meaning students who use medicinal marijuana are especially targeted, despite what the state law allows.

Students with medical marijuana cards who are caught with marijuana on campus are threatened with severe punishments. For freshman and other on campus residents, they run the risk of losing their housing even for a first offense. The current policies on campus allow for residential advisors to key into rooms and invade the privacy of students in search of marijuana and paraphernalia related to its use.

Students who use marijuana for medical reasons are also faced with difficulties in regard to zoning laws. Locations are not made easily available for students to use their medicine and they risk further legal consequences by using it in those areas that surround campus and are surrounded by other Chico schools.

What we want:

1) Students with medical marijuana cards should be protected in their home and their school under the laws of Proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420. This means that they should not be prosecuted for merely possessing marijuana in their rooms (so long as they are complying with all legal statutes).

2) Campuses should work with student patients to establish a place where they can safely and legally medicate, and should provide students with this information so that they are not unknowingly in violation of any other established laws.

Medical marijuana, when legalized by the state, should be viewed as any other powerful drug; students should be allowed to medicate without fear of punishment as long as they are doing so responsibly and in conjunction with medical advice.

Sign here and help protect medical marijuana patients' rights: the purpose of college is to get an education, but to do that, first we must rid the rulebook of this arbitrary discrimination.

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