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I would like to start a petition for our teenagers in High School. The petition will be about our Credit in the United States of America.

Through these hard economic times, I believe it is important for every one to know about how and why our credit effects who we are as people. I believe all students in school should be taught how to manage, not only there money, but their credit as well!

It is important for our youth to understand how credit will effect the rest our lives and the impact on our lives.

I suggest we integrate a one year course Senior High School to teach our youth and student about credit management. This will include;

1. The effects of credit and what it means
2. How credit is run
3. What happens when we apply for credit
4. What happens when we are approved
5. What happens when we do not pay our credit
6. The importance of interest and what it means
7. How to effectively manage credit
8. Who are the creditors
9. Laws of Credit
10. A civilians right tor credit and laws.

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