#Local Government
City of Cockburn

To E-Petition or not to E-petition

At our last Council meeting 11th May 2017, a petition with around 8000 signatures was rejected by the City for not meeting a number of requirements under Clause 4.6 of the City's Standing Orders, Local Law 2016.

The main reason for rejection was that the City does not accept e-petitions or online petitions.

The Department of Local Government asserts the City of Cokburn has the power to change this local law and allow E-petitions.

I want to know if you would like to see this changed, similar to other cities across Australia and our Australian Parliament?

Does the effort that goes into hand written signatures reinforce a commitment to the issue and heightened sense of importance and/or do most people generally sign a petition because they believe in the cause, whether electronically or handwritten?

Is it time we caught up with the digital age and people's busy lifestyles or do you want to remain with paper?

If you want to go digital vote here?

Lee-Anne Smith
East Ward Councillor
The City of Cockburn

Petitions are requests for change by the public and give residents a voice.

Similar to the process outlined by the Australian Parliament and other Local Governments across Australia I support City of Cockburn residents having their opinions acknowledged via the acceptance of E-Petitions

We the undersigned call on Councillors of the City of Cockburn to amend Clause 4.6 of the City's Standing Orders, Local Law 2016 to allow the provision and acceptance of E-petitions.

I sign this petition as a resident of the City of Cockburn.

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