#Gender Rights and Issues
Midmar Mile
South Africa

The Midmar Mile is one of the world’s largest Open Water Swimming events. The main sponsor of the event is aQuellé, owned by Emakhazani Springs, which is owned by the KwaSizabantu Mission. KwaSisabantu Mission have been accused of various serious allegations of gender based violence and abuse. aQuellé products has since been removed from the shelves of most mayor retailers. One other Midmar Mile sponsor, N3 Toll Concession and a charity participant, WILDLANDS, already withdrew from the event to stand in solidarity with South Africans who experienced gender based violence. It’s time to add YOUR voice to the mix in support of the cause to Stop gender based voilence!!! Safe the Midmar Mile! Stop aQuelle!!!

We, the undersigned, call on the Midmar Mile Race organizers, to DROP aQuellé as a sponsor of the Midmar Mile!

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The DROP aQuelle as a sponsor of the Midmar Mile in support af NO gender based violence! petition to Midmar Mile was written by Larika Robb and is in the category Gender Rights and Issues at GoPetition.