#National Affairs
Members of Congress and state governors in the US; other political leaders

Unlike air pollution, which is gone from the atmosphere in days to weeks, excess CO2 at current levels will remain in the atmosphere and pose harm for approximately 1,000 years.

Emissions reduction strategies alone cannot walk back accelerating harm from droughts, amplified hurricanes, rising seas, and extreme weather events driven by excess CO2 accumulation in the atmosphere.

These events threaten the global environment and all systems of economic order, agriculture, public health, and civic stability, on which human survival depends.

[More details and supporting documentation at https://www.co2foundation.org]

I join with other responsible citizens and call on city, county, state/provincial, and national leaders to act with all possible haste.

** Prevent further harm by incentivizing, funding, and properly deploying a comprehensive drawdown campaign, completed within twenty years, that minimizes side-effects to natural systems and human communities, and is large, fast, and surefire enough. **

I pledge to inform government leaders and those within my circle of influence about the need for a wise and urgent CO2 drawdown, and of the unacceptable risks of inaction.

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