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Hello i start this petition because in 2021 every package from China will be stucked at customs clearance and you will pay more for your item. Don't matter if your payed from 0.1€ to 22€ you will pay more for everything you bought from Third country must pay DPH (20%) from price + some money for shipping, thats around 3.60€ so please sign this petition ! We need your sign because for example: Iam buying screen protectors from China for my mobile around 1€ this same Protector in our country cost oround 10€ so its too much.

Please sign this petition because when comes year 2021 every package from Chima will be on customs house and you will pay for your item more. For example you buy thing for 1€ and you must pay DPH and CLO so its 1€+0.20€+3.6€ final price is 4.80€ + you must wait on your item way more than before. EU goes to the shit, our packages too. So please #MakeEuropaGreatAgain

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